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 Rules OOC/IC

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The Council

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PostSubject: Rules OOC/IC   Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:27 am


1. Be respectful to all OOC, whether you like them or not I expect to see politeness at all times.

2. If I see any OOC 'Can I help you', 'Is there something you need?', I WILL derank you to Omega. Do a proper job and RP it. If I see it twice, you're gonna be kicked.

3. I expect ALL OOC to stay OOC. If it's brought IC, it's an instant Kick from the pack, no second chances. If one brings IC to OOC, and it's no jokingly (You all know what I mean), you will Be Kicked as well. No second chances.

4. If I see anyone using disrespectful language. I will kick you. Yes. Cursing is allowed IC and OOC in group, but we may have younger members. And if someone asks ya' to stop. It will stop. If it doesn't and I have to step in twice, I will kick you. ^^
(If you're one who asks someone to stop, and they continue on. Please send me screenshots so I can take proper action.)

5. Don't even bother joining if you're not going to be active. If you don't return in two days without any notice. You will be kicked!~ There's a place on the site, Absences, it's unlocked, even if you don't register you can post there. POST YOUR CHARACTER NAME AND USER. It wont be specific and will say you're a Guest if you're unregistered.

6. I expect you to sign up to the site, like any other pack. You wont see anything and wont see ranks, updates or be able to participate in Polls on the site. WE WANT YOUR INPUT AND OPINIONS! ^-^ If you don't sign up within one day (I know some may not be able to open browsers whilst on FH) You will be kicked.

7. If I find out about ANY OOC spying, examples: Joining another pack to find out about them, etc. You will be kicked without hesitation. That will not be tolerated. You can rank up by simply doing your job.

8. If you're an ass-kisser, don't even. I rank people up by how they do with their job and not how 'nice' they are to me. Nothing more, nothing less. I also expect screenshots of any fights, medical training, etc. to be sent to me or the Beta if neither of us are online. We will review them and rank you up if we see you fit for a rank-up. We like ranking up those who deserve it. :3
(All screens are to be sent through PM on the site, or Skype(Unlikely.))

<3 Your Alpha!~

(If you wish to argue your case if you're kicked, whisper or PM me, I'll be open to speaking about it. ^^)

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The Council

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PostSubject: IC RULES   Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:28 am


1. Keep IC within character, do not bring IC to OOC. You will be kicked.

2. No power-playing, meta-gaming, god-modding, or auto-hitting, or anything of the sort. You will be kicked if this occurs multiple times. I have NO tolerance for this. Absolutely none. If you're new to fighting, inform your spar partner so they wont take any offence or anything. ^^

3. Be realistic. If your character gets torn up in a spar or fight, they're hurt. Take the instructions from your Medic completely.

4. Hunting:

1 Lone hunter: Rabbits, birds, small game like so. (PORCUPINES ARE NOT ADVISED CAUSE WE CAN'T SAVE YOU!)

Deer: 3-4+ wolves
Elk: 5-8+ wolves
Moose: 8+

Intruding animals: Cougars, bear's etc.

In the wild wolves will usually try to pester the animal away, especially if it's something like a mountain lion or bear. No lone wolf is advised to try this alone. These animals are dangerous and are to be taken as such.


Realistic Herbal Healing. No powers, please. ^^


Challenges to higher-ups such as Beta and Delta are welcomed, but if you win, it does not mean that you will take that position. They are hand-picked by the Alpha, and you must be highly trusted to gain these rankings.


Yes, you are welcomed to have a mate, but you may not conceive pups outside of the Mating Season (I will discuss with the Beta and Delta or other Alpha (If any) when this will occur. I will also put the date when mating season is taking place within the Group Bio as well as alert people.) I do not want pups running rampant all the time, unless they join or one comes into the group already expecting. We have to have pup-sitters as well for the Mating Season to take place.

5. If you become mate to the Alpha, Beta, or Delta. This does not mean you automatically assume the same ranking. You stick to your ranking.

6. If you go off and cause troubles with another group, We will not aid you. If you escape them and come back to us. We WILL try and kill you.~ DO not start shit you cannot finish.

7. Keep in mind, looking into the eyes of your superiors, turning your back to them, bearing you teeth to them, all can insight a  punishment attack to put your character in their place. Things like that in the wild can be taken as challenges and all challengers are usually put down or put in their place. No hard feelings, just how it will go. Though, not all High ranks will be the same, but take heed you never know someone when they're challenged.

8. If we obtain rivals, we will be attacking and raiding, but no Kills will be attempted if no consent is given.

**More Rules will be added if need be. I sure hope not.**

<3 Your Alpha.~


Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.
~ Henry Rollins

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The Council

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PostSubject: Size Ratio (IMPORTANT)   Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:29 am


(Small Stature)
=Realistically, being a small structured lupine does not mean your ‘speed’ will be ‘enhanced’ or ‘increased/higher’ than that of a larger structured lupine. 60% chance you may still get caught.
=You will be faster in some situations (ex: running, jumping), BUT your ‘light weight’ might do little to not much damage in a fight (especially against a 'large wolf').
=IF caught by a ‘larger’ opponent, there’s no way you’ll be able to get out of its grip (at least not easily).
=Lifting or ‘knocking over’ large structured lupines is HIGHLY impossible.
=Birthing is also a hard factor; the smaller the character, the more dangerous it is and the less quantity of pups.
=Basically choosing these ranks will prove difficult for a "fun size" character: Warrior, Guard, Hunter, Executioner.

(Large Stature)
=Realistically, being large has its ups and downs too.
(Maximum size for a canine character is 4.6ft at the shoulder.)
=Depending on the energy you exert, the next day, you may wake with joint pains if not with strained muscles (meaning after a lot of running, or a spar).
=You will be slower in some situations, BUT your ‘heavy weight’ might do extensive amounts of damage in a fight.
=Facing a similar size opponent may prove VERY straining the next day (if you survive).

(Birthing and Sizes)
= 'Fun-sized' wolves: 1-2 pups. (But still has health risks)
= Medium-sized wolves: 3-4 pups.
= Large-sized wolves: 5-6 pups.

((So please, be considerate as to your character’s size difference.))


Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.
~ Henry Rollins
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PostSubject: Re: Rules OOC/IC   

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Rules OOC/IC
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