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 Ashlii Full Bio

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PostSubject: Ashlii Full Bio   Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:27 pm

Base Not Mine

Fail Of A Reffy. I Know.


. Named Ashlii {Ash-Lee}

. Female

. Fox

. 3.6 Years


. Hetero

. [Food] Has Caught Her Attention

. Awkwardly Stares At [Your Cousin]

. Commonly Found With [Grass]

. Wishes To Be [Your Dad]'s Everything

. Would Give Her Life For [More Food]

. Faithful Lover To Herself


. Not In Heat

. Mated {0} Times

. Successful {0} Times

. Failed {0} Times


+ Loving | Cuddly | Friendly | Loyal | Compassionate | Peaceful | Calm

= Quiet | Shy | Curious | Laid Back | Playful

- Distant | Submissive | Protective | Secretive


. Loyal To The Pack

. Bows To Eula {Madam Fluff} & -

. Scout

. Trusts Eula

. Fears -


. Hunting [7/10]

. Swimming [0/10]

. Dominance [2/10]

. Climbing [4/10]

. Stamina [7/10]

. Stealth [8/10]

. Agility [6/10]


. Mothered By Cyle

. Fathered By Ray

. Sister To Izii {Twin}

. Mother Or -

. Adopted -


. Smells Of Funnel Cake

. Can't Swim

. Very Ticklish

. Fears Thunder | Somewhat Water

. Loves Flowers

. Soft And Quiet Vocals


. Fluffy Tan Soft Pelt

. Lighter Underfur

. Darker Markings

. Left Eye Is Pink

. Right Eye Is White/Grey

. Scars From A Whip


. A Black Collar

. Small Gauge In Her Ear

. Industrial Piercing

. Lip Piercings

. Tongue Piercing


. When Ashlii Was Born, Her Mother Died Right When Ash Came Out. Her Father Never Really Like Ashlii Do To That- He Blamed Her For Cyle's Death. Her Father Didn't Exactly Like Izii Either, So Ash And Her Twin Izii Were Alone Most Of The Time. But One Of The Pup Watchers Would Take Care Of Them. Where Her Birth Pack Lived, Food Was Scarce- Which Is The Main Reason Why Cyle Died- She Didn't Have Enough Food. Izii Was A Bit Older Than Ash, And Watched Over Her The Best She Could When The Pup Watchers Weren't Around. They Lived In The Mountains, Where It Had Always Snowed. Avalanches Were Common Where They Lived, But Since Her Father Was The Leader Of All The Foxes, He Was To Stubborn To Move Territories. But One Time, Ash And Izii Were Out, A Bit Far From The Pack They Heard A Large Rumbling Noise Then Silence. They Made Their Way Back To Their Territory Nobody Was To Be Seen. Ash Spotted Some Blood Staining The Snow- From Underneath. So She Went To Go Investigate. She Dug Through The Snow, Finding Where The Blood Was Coming From. It Was Her Father. He Had Been Squished By A Log That Tumbled With The Avalanche. Blood Just Slowly Drained From His Mouth. Ash Stood There, Froze From The Shock. Izii Walked Over To Her, To See What She Was Looking At And Froze. Tears Began To Stream From Their Eyes. Though A Few Hours After, They Heard A Rumbling Noise Again. They Both Darted Off, But In Different Directions- Though They Didn't Realize It. That Was The Last Time Ashlii Seen Izii.

. When Ashlii Was A Bit Older, In Her Teenage Years, She Had Been Wondering Alone. She Soon Came Into A Town, Seeing Bright Lights That Were Waving In The Sky. Though She Didn't Know What They Were, Her Curiosity Rose Towards All The Lights That Were Like Beacons In The Night. As She Walked Towards The Lights, She Seen A Huge Colorful Tent. The Smell Of Food. That's What Lured Her Even Closer, Though She Was Cautious As She Heard The Sounds Of Creatures She Had Never Seen Or Heard Of. As She Was Sitting Around A Concession Stand That Sold Funnel Cakes. She Had Been Spotted By One Of The Little Kids There. The Kid Lowered Their Arm To Offer Her Some Of His Funnel Cake. She Slowly Made Her Way Over To The Kid. She Slowly Took The Funnel Cake From Him And Ate It Slowly. The Kid Just Stood There, Looking At Ashlii With A Smile. Ashlii Looked Back Up At Him, Returning The Smile. Soon The Kid Slowly Reached Down And Softly Picked Ashlee Up. Ash Flinched A Bit But Didn't Bite Or Nip At Him. She Would Never. Ever. Hurt Another Being. The Kid Went To Go Show His Mom. When His Mom Turned To Look Down At The Boy She Shrieked. Soon Someone Came By And Snatched Ashlii From The Boy's Arms. Ashlii Looked At The Boy As She Was Taken Away. The Boy's Mother Snatched Him Up, Holding Him Closely As She Scolded Him For Picking Up A Wild Animal. The Person Who Was Carrying Her Now Was Carrying Her By The Scruff, Unlike The Boy, Who Held Her Like A Baby- He Even Put A Black Collar On Her. Ashlii Just Curled Up, Tucking Her Tail Between Her Legs As She Was Carried. Soon The Person Carried Her To Somewhere, Stuffing Her In A Small Cage By Herself. All The Other Animals Looked At Her Like She Was An Alien. There Was A White Tiger In The Large Cage Next To Her. After A Couple Hours, The Circus People Came Back And Examined Ashlii- Deciding To Keep Her- They Put Her On Display Mainly For Her Different Colored Eyes. They Rarely Fed The Animals, So All Of Them, Including Ash Were Skinny With Their Ribs Showing. But Ash Rarely Ate, She Normally Gave Her Food To The Other Animals Who Looked Like They Needed More Food. They Were Very Abusive With Their Animals- Always Whipping Them If They Didn't Do Something Right, Or They Made To Much Noise. Ashlii Got Whipped For Whining For Food To Feed The Others. Though She Soon Learned Real Fast Not To Do That. All The Circus People Put Piercings On The Animals To Make Them Seem More Scary Or Threatening.

. Once She Was An Adult, She Found Out How To Open The Cage. She Just Waited For The Perfect Time. While All The Circus People Were All At Lunch, Not Paying Attention To Any Of The Animals. Ashlii Opened Her Cage, Silently And Carefully. All The Other Animals Watched Her. She Carefully Opened The White Tiger's Cage First Since They Had Became Friends. The Tiger Helped Release All The Other Animals. Soon. All The Animals Were Free. Ashlii Hugged Her Only Friend, Rex- The White Tiger. They Both Wished Each Other Luck. Soon All The Animals Fled. A Few Were Caught And Put In A Zoo, Where They Get Fed Regularly.
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Ashlii Full Bio
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