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 IC/OOC Punishments

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PostSubject: IC/OOC Punishments   Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:18 pm


1. Disrespect towards Chieftain: Mauling (Tail Amputation) and permanent Omega.
2. Disrespect towards Successor: Mauling (Ears Torn) and Omega (until further notice).
3. Disrespect towards Group: Mauling (Minor) and Omega ( 1 RL Week).
4. Bad-Mouthing (Members/Groups): Tongue-Removal(IC) and Omega (3 RL Days).
5. Courting W/O Permission: Omega (1 RL Week).
6. Breeding W/O Permission: Omega (1 RL Week) and Death for the pups.
7. Disobedience: 3 Verbal Warnings (Omega Tag for 3 RL Days follows).
8. Job Inactivity/Failure: Demotion or Omega (2 RL days).
9. Leaving Village(IC) W/O Permission: Verbal Warning.
10. Leaving Village(IC) 2+ Times: Omega for 2 RL Days (Minor mauling follows).
11. Attacking Pack-mate W/O Cause: Same Wound Infliction.
12. Attacking Pack-mate W/O Cause 2+: Same Wound Infliction and Omega (1 RL Week).
13. Killing Pack-mate W/O Cause: Exile and/or Death.

+ + + +


- Offences 1-3: Verbal Warnings
- Offence 4: Demotion and/or Omega (3 RL Days).
- Offence 5: IC Mauling (Tearing of Ears) and Omega (4-6 RL Days).
- Offence 6: IC Mauling (Amputation of Tail) and Omega (Permanent).
- Offence 7: IC Exile and/or Death.
- Offence 8: Kick from Group (if OOC).

-}S{- INACTIVITY (Recruits) -}S{-
~3 Days Absence W/O News: Verbal Warning.
~5+ Days Absence W/O News: Kick.

(( As a Recruit: If you complete 2-3 RL Days of activity but 'vanish' for 7+ days. You will need to make up for 2-3 more days of activity before your Initiation.))

((As an Omega: Your days count ONLY when you're online. If you are to wear the tag for 5+ days, you are to be ONLINE for 5+ days until the tag is removed. Being absent for the 5+ days will not count, it will only increase your sentence. Simply wait out the days and they will pass quickly; sentence may even be reduced.))
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IC/OOC Punishments
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