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 About 'The Pack'

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The Council

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PostSubject: About 'The Pack'   Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:35 pm

||Established|| January 15th, 2015
||Activated|| --

Elua (Braginskystar)

Dywn (YinYangHeart)

--Basic Information--
||Semi-Literate to Highly Literate||
||30% Unrealistic Characters||
||80% Realistically Themed||
||Semi-Pack Based||
||Rated PG-13 to R||

We are a pack consisting of all sorts of lupines.

Big and small.

Young and Old.

Comrades and rivals.

We stand as one loyal unit.

A devoted family.

Strong bloods bound to each other.

And to those who oppose us...we stain the hollow grounds with their tainted blood.

We do not need to demonstrate our brute strength to outsiders for their amusement.

But we will give them a force to reckon with, should the time come.

Our blood is thick, but remember that our bond will always be thicker!
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About 'The Pack'
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